UTOC Engineering Pte Ltd is most recognised as a specialised contractor for equipment installation. Through years of experience, we are able to install equipment positioned in very limited spaces or those with access limitations.

Our equipment installation team is very experienced and well trained in handling of bulky and heavy equipment. We are also well-recognised for our ability to handle fragile glass-lined equipments which can be easily damaged due to mishandling. Our engineers utilise the 2D-modelling tool to present safe lifting plans for critical lifting, and perform the Job-Safety Analysis to identify all the possible hazards before the actual operation. Generally, we provide method of statements of our detailed methodology of installation to let our customers and other parties involve in the operation to have a better understanding of our work.

During the development of Jurong Island, the petrochemical hub of Singapore, our installation team has installed more than 30,000 tonnes of equipment. In addition, we are renowned world wide for the installation of cracking furnace in ethylene plants.

With sound knowledge of heavy construction equipment utilisation, we are also experienced in the usage of large lifting cranes and heavy trailers. When the need arises for lifting of heavy equipment inside enclosed environments, we would utilise our in-house designed lifting fixture and hydraulic driven skid.
Our experienced team is also equipped to handle rotating machinery such as turbines, compressors, pumps and blowers. Our skilled millwrights have also exhibited the capability of performing very highly precise alignment of such equipment.
In addition, our track records include projects involving installation of structures, trays and chimneys within the internal of equipment. 


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Erection of Heavy Reactor
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